Folbi Modular Storage from no.maa - create your own

From bright ideas, through careless dreams, endless imagination and ever-changing design to one consistent mission.

With Folbi no.maa hade the goal to build a very flexible storage furniture. This has until now resulted in Box frames that can be arranged in any configuration. The boxes  can be equiped with four types of inserts. The inserts can be delivered and stored in flat packages and the user should build them when needed. is a very creative company and always open for new ideas so when they saw Ackurat's Clixtag® they expected it to solve their assembly problems arround their wooden insearts.

Our specialist was involved and supported through the project process.


Through a few milled grooves in the box sides, it became easy for customers to assemble the box inserts with our standard product Clixtag® 45.

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