Welcome to customer services

At customer services, we are here to help you to find what you are looking for in our standard assortment, register as a customer and receive samples and orders. If anything goes wrong, we will also take care of the complaint.

If you need any assistance with developing your own items and services, you should contact our product specialists.


Contact Customer service regarding: 

Customer services (Swedish and English)

Phone: +46 472 26 93 00 
Fax: +46 472 26 93 10
E-mail: info@ackurat.se

Opening hours: 08:00–16:30 Swedish time (CET).

Closed for summer holiday 2019: 15-26 th of july (week 29-30).



Customer services Finland (Finnish)

Phone: +358 9 686 00 10
E-mail: posti@ackurat.eu

Opening hours: 08:00–16:00 Finnish time (EET).

Closed for summer holiday 2019: 18-26 th of july (No deliveries 15-26 th of july).



Customer services Poland (Polish)

Phone: +48 58 341 37 31 
E-mail : info@ackurat.pl

Opening hours: 08:00–16:00 Polish time (CET).

Closed for summer holiday 2019: 12-16 th of August.



Meet our customer services team:

Kamilla Engdahl

Swedish and English.

Linda Hjertonsson

Swedish and English.

Nathalie Jonsson

Swedish and English.

Nina Martinsson

Swedish and English.

Åsa Tengius

Swedish and English.

Kiki Rasijärvi

Finnish and English.

Mateusz Bazychowski


Arek Kedziora

Polish, Swedish and English.