The small company helping all of Europe.



Ackurat offers down-to-earth, honest people the chance to thrive, get involved, influence and develop.

Together, we help Europe’s companies to bring more creativity into their everyday work.


More enjoyment

An old manager once said that our customers choose us because we are nicer than our competitors.

We also believe that we have a nicer time at work than our competitors. Our down-to-earth culture makes everyone – from health and fitness geeks to rockers – feel at home. We view being able to be yourself as a prerequisite for personal wellbeing. Few start working here for the prestige, which means that those who choose Ackurat often do so because they are friendly, down-to-earth people who dare to be themselves.

At Ackurat, we say hello, give credit, ask how things are going, dare to have a laugh, give our all, celebrate with cakes, empty the dishwasher, accept others’ opinions, apologise...nothing so very strange.

If you spend a lot of time on the phone, you often want to be in an enclosed space. If you are changing moulds, you want a really good workstation. If you need to be creative, you want a really big whiteboard. We all need WIFI to stay in touch with friends and family. These all go without saying. Plus, as we do a lot of work with designers on our own work environment, it has a bit of a design vibe, which is nice.

When it comes to hanging out in our free time, we are also ourselves. Some really enjoy bringing their partners to the company’s traditional Christmas lunch, while others prefer to hang out at the staff club’s bowling night. Others still want to keep their work and free time completely separate. That’s all OK.

If someone wants to take a bit of time off, the team often sorts this out among themselves. If someone wants to go off on some long travels, we will try to make this work too.

Carpooling and having a car charging station at work are also pretty nice.


Get involved, influence and develop

At Ackurat, you are an important member of the team from day one. We really believe in the value of learning on the job, so you get to dive straight in. With valuable support from your team, you are in safe hands as you get into the swing of things, and you can take your time to do so. Once you are up to speed, your role will be considerably broader than what it would be at a big company. You will understand more and have the potential to influence more.

Each team often takes care of their planning and procedures themselves. As teams, we are always working on improvements, and we try to ensure that those who want to try out different work roles and responsibilities can do so.

To be able to get involved, influence and develop, we need good working relationships and a feel for what is going on elsewhere in the company. For this reason, it is important that we and our consultants prioritise being on site with the rest of the gang, even if it feels as though in practice many tasks could be done remotely. It is also important that we make time to use the intranet to tell the rest of the company what is going on, so that everyone can have a positive influence.


Sound interesting?

If you feel you would like to work with us, you are always welcome to get in touch with our MD, Fredric. Your letter might just get our cogs turning that bit more :-)


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