Here's what we do with your personal information


What happens if you only visit the website?

When you visit the website, nothing really happens with your personal information. For example, at Ackurat we do not save your IP-address in our IT- systems.

The homepage downloads a small amount of software (cookies) that make sure the page displays correctly on your screen. Among other things, the page gets the correct font, tables are displayed correctly, and it is possible to log in, but this software does not return any information to us.

We use Google's advertising products to be visable and we use Google's products to analyse the website. We trust that they take care of any personal information entirely in accordance with applicable laws. More about Googles policys regarding  secrecy here>


What happens if you register?

When you register with us, we only ask for the information that is necessary for us to document any purchases and to provide you with information about any purchases.

We only save the personal information you have chosen to give us. You will see all personal information about you under "Your Contact Persons".

We have agreements regarding personal information (Assistant Agreement) with the suppliers of our business systems, servers and website.

If you want to update or delete personal information, you can do it yourself here on the website or contact our customer service.

NOTE: You do not risk receiving any Newsletters because we simply choose not to send any. If you want to see what's happening at Ackurat, we recommend that you follow us on LinkedIn.


What happens if you call us?

When you call us, your phone number will appear in our phone system. We use this information only to see which number has called.

We have agreements regarding personal information (Assistant Agreement) with the supplier of the telephone system.


What happens if you send something to us?

All envelopes and packaging are discarded. No personal information about the sender or any other person is saved.


What happens if you meet us, contact us or follow us on social media?

If it is the beginning of a customer relationship, we will register in the same way as if you registered yourself (see above). If you leave sensitive personal information about yourself in the dialogue, we will not save them. We do not have any systems that can handle this information. There are no places for "personal information about the customer".

So if you have dinner with one of us, do not forget to notify us about your allergies ;-). Now, it may be that the person you meet with us will remember it, but we do not have it in our IT systems.