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Do you...

  • have good ideas
  • have stupid ideas
  • want to sell your invention to us
  • have new materials in the making
  • have new services that can suit us
  • etc


This is how it works

1. You make contact

Send an email, call us, send a letter, come to our stand on the fair, visit us at the office or request a visit from us.

2. Lets go!

Imagine how many good ideas getting stuck. We can change this. Now.


Who to contact?

You can contact any of us. We are a small company so the idea will end up whoever you contact.

The shop development team discuss and decides on all new product ideas. This applies to both goods and services.

In the team are the product developers, the customer service manager and the group are coordinated by the Marketing Manager.


Here you will find our contact information >

Will YOU appear in a product story?

As you may read in the product articles here, we like to highlight the creators behind the product. Perhaps we get in a situation where you are mentioned as an important contributer to success