We make Europe more creative.

At Ackurat, we love creativity and are always ready to discuss solutions with our customers directly, throughout Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of plastic components, many of which are completely unique in the market.

In-house manufacturing

In our facilities in Sweden and Poland, we are responsible for the entire process and manufacture as much as possible ourselves. We continuously test new materials and techniques in production.

Christer Karlsson, Production Manager, showcasing a mold.

Christer Karlsson, Production Manager, showcasing a mold.

A selection of our injection-molded plastic products.

A selection of our injection-molded plastic products.

Customized customer-specific products

Sometimes our customers have amazing ideas that are not available in our standard range. In such cases, we have both the knowledge and the ability to develop tools and produce those products.

Developing and long-term collaboration

With us, you will experience an honest and trustworthy business relationship where everyone is treated with the same high level of respect. Providing the best possible service is essential, and we actively listen to understand.

Our core values

At Ackurat, we want to bring dreams to life! For us, it is just as exciting (and rewarding) to be part of a project as it is to see our plastic components in the finished product. Our goal is to inspire, simplify choices, and keep our promises.

Read about our core values, the basis for everything we do!

Creative solutions

A solution can be complex, but also very simple. Using our knowledge and experience to come up with good solutions in a creative way is something we like. Through curiosity for design trends and innovations, our goal is to come up with creative solutions that benefit both us and our customers.

Long-term perspective

We think in a long-term perspective both when it comes to relationships, finances, social responsibility and the environment. That makes us a responsible and professional partner with a scalable business where we can develop and change under safe conditions.


We want everyone to be safe and confident with Ackurat. Therefore, we think it is important to keep what we promise and always have an honest and transparent dialogue. It is our belief that equality, respect for each other and our differences are assets. We believe that trust leads to development for both people and companies.


We are solution-focused and flexible in order to provide our customers with the best service. It should be fun and inspiring to work here and to be in contact with us. We are the friend you bounce ideas with or ask for help to solve a problem. We share our knowledge and help without it being complicated.