We make Europe more creative.

We love being involved in creative conversations. In fact, these conversations are exactly where our future lies.

In order to be part of this journey, we need to inspire creativity, simplify decisions and deliver on our promises.

Nowadays these creative conversations often take place across national borders, which suits us just fine. We want to be everywhere, without middlemen.




There when it happens.

We at Ackurat want to be there when things get creative.

  • Our print catalogues are always easily accessible in our development offices.
  • Our online store is available 24-7.
  • We help out when people google our solutions.
  • Our customer services department and product specialists always make time for creative conversations.
  • Our product specialists get involved in creative discussions at our customers’ offices.
  • We want to avoid middlemen and hierarchies that impede the flow of creative ideas.



With our own complete toolbox.

We make sure we have the right tools for every challenge.

  • We aim to have the widest standard selection of plastic components.
  • We are always at the ready if our customers want to develop their own plastic components.
  • We want to be able to monitor the design and quality of all of our products, which is why we produce as much of what we sell as possible.
  • Our factory and warehouse are able to supply in small and large quantities.
  • We are quick to adopt attractive and innovative materials and efficient new production techniques.
  • We share our large network of contacts.



Supporting our customers in a humble, down-to-earth and relevant way.

We can be relied upon to listen, analyse, make suggestions and come to agreements.

  • We treat all customers equally.
  • We are active listeners and always make sure we truly understand.
  • We are constantly updating our expertise and share this with our customers and colleagues.
  • We are very clear when providing information or drawing up agreements.
  • We want our website to be an inspiring and secure space for collaboration.
  • As an organisation, Ackurat aims to be reliable and inclusive.
  • We humbly admit when we do not have the right expertise or when we have made a mistake.