About purchasing from Ackurat

First of all ... always read our order confirmations!
An error can mean that your projects and deliveries are delayed.

General about a purchase from us.


Only for companies

We only offer goods and services to companies. Then the companies can be anything from sole proprietorships to large corporate groups. It is for companies that we have developed our way of working and our range of goods and services.

If you are a student, you can enter the school as your company to get product samples for your school projects.

For non-company customers, we refer to stores that specialize in shopping directly with consumers in terms of packaging quantity, payment model and delivery..


Shape color and function - Take advantage of free product samples

A whole group of products, which are often manufactured in completely different moulding tools, can be difficult to describe with a single image and a few lines of text. The dimensional sketch is simplified to be able to quickly show the most important dimensions in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Colors, surfaces and function can also be difficult to describe so that everyone understands.

We therefore recommend that you always order a sample when you form an opinion about color and function. Product samples are also free for most of our products.

Sometimes customers use our products in creative ways that do not correspond to the use that appears in our product description or perhaps based on measurements that we have not specified in the tables. In these cases, we can not promise that the expected quality is met. 


Delivery times

In our warehouse, we always try to have the quantity we think is needed, but unexpected orders can make a shelf empty

If you are logged in you will see what is available in stock, but keep in mind that several can buy at the same time.

If there is a queue in production, we plan our work based on the date when the order came in. All customers are thus valued equally regardless of size, country or other.

In the tables on the product pages, there is a column where we calculate how long it can take to refill if the warehouse is empty. But it happens that it takes longer than what is written there, so just see it as an approximate value.

Also keep in mind that we never promise when the items arrive but only when the items are ready for delivery.

If you have built up a system that is based on the details always having to be on site at exactly the right time, we recommend that you build up a stock yourself or sign a stoch-holding agreement with us.


The order confirmation, your most important document!

We work in a variety of cultures and with different types of companies. However, one thing is common. All our customers are honest creative people who do their best to build long-term good relationships with us. It is the same from our side. We are a company that really wants to be the long-term trustworthy friend.

Common is also everyone's desire to reach clear agreements. We often have long dialogues via computers and telephone before the actual purchase and sometimes it can be a little difficult to have a common view of what has been decided.

That is why it is incredibly important that we have clear agreement documents that both parties read. Tell us right away if we got it wrong!!

When you order from us, you can get the following.

'Order recieved' (PDF).

This document only tells you that we have received your order but we have not yet checked when we can deliver. We will only send 'order recieved' if we have not had time to plan your order.

'Order confirmation' (PDF).

This is the actual agreement we made based on your order. Sometimes it happens that we have changed the delivery date and sometimes it can also happen that one of us made a mistake in product selection and quantity. Therefore, it is important that you really check and read through the order confirmation when it arrives. Let us know immediately if you see something that does not match how you want it so that your projects or your production does not suffer 


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