Facts and figures - Information about Ackurat


In 2023, our turnover was just under €9,8 m.

Goods: roughly 10,000 standard + 4,000 customer-specific items. Roughly 75% of what we supply we produce ourselves.
Services: Project support, e-commerce, stock keeping, Ackurat Shipping and more.

Almost 99% of what we deliver comes according to customer expectations. Customer makes a complaint on 1.2% of the of ordered products. Most errors are associated with delivery issues.

We have roughly 4,000 regular customers who buy from us each year, primarily in northern Europe. Roughly half of these work with furnishings and interior design. We also supply to companies outside of Europe – often when a European customer has production locations there.


At Ackurat we are about 50 people employed. Our work with creating a stimulating workplace has resulted in us being about 40% women and many people with different cultural backgrounds. Our management team consists of six people, with 50% each of women and men. We have an average age of about 45 years.

We have also for a long time, cooperated with Växjö Municipality's support work for people with functional variations. By their ability, they help us with simple but important work, while making our workplace more enjoyable and warm. More about Växjö Municipality's support for people with disabilities >here<.

Lammhult, in the enigmatic Småland forests, is home to our head office, primary production facilities and warehouse. In Gdansk, northern Poland, we have an office, some production capability and a warehouse for Poland. We have a sales office in Helsinki. Find all addresses >here<

When we feel it is economically unjustifiable to produce an item ourselves, we purchase finished products from specialist colleagues. For a handful of products, and in co-operation with our customers, we have chosen to make use of production facilities in Asia. This represents around 20% of what we supply.

In Europe, we are aware of roughly five producers of plastic components whom we would consider to be our competitors. There are a large number of subcontractors in the region, but they often specialise in few products – normally in large volumes. For this reason, we tend to view these as a good option for anyone who only needs a few products but in large volumes. For this we will never be the best.

We have for many years been owned by Xano Industri AB. Read more about them here> (External link)


Community involvement
We actively participate in Lammhult's business network, Lammhults näringsliv. Contact them at info@lammhultsnaringsliv.se.

Ackurat continuously sponsors associations in Lammhult's vicinity.

We also see it as natural to participate in Växjö municipality's various corporate networks and activities linked to Linnaeus University.