Have you bought too many Ackurat items

1. Regret your order quantity.

If you just received standard items from Ackurat and you regret the quantity, we will buy all or some of it back but not at the full price.


2. Sell overstocked items back to Ackurat.

Contact our customer service. They will put you in contact with our purchaser. If the items are ok and we have customers for them, we will buy the articles back at a price that is in line with what it normally costs us to procure the products.


3. Recycle following your own routins.

If you work at a larger company, you probably have contracted recycler connected to the company.


4. Let us help you to recycle

We have routines for how to recycle material from our production. If you send it to us we just add your old Ackurat items to our for recycling.