If something goes wrong (claim)

When things go wrong, it's important to help each other ... no matter who caused the mistake.

claim supervisor helps you

The first thing we do when you contact us is that we appoint a person who is responsible for taking care of your claim. The task is to handle your case all the way until everyone involved has figured out what to expect and what to do. The claim is always posted in our business system so that everyone can update themselves on the matter if someone becomes ill, etc. We aim to avoid delays in your projects or your production. Claim matters therefore have priority in all our planning.

Different errors have different solutions, so the first task will be to address what is in a hurry and what went wrong. If the details are defective, we therefore ask you to quickly send us details, photos, videos or anything else that helps us to immediately determine the cause and correct the error. Our complaint manager takes help internally to assess the causes of errors.

Based on the internal evaluation, the complaint manager decides together with you / you what we should do so that you can move forward in your projects as quickly as possible..


If we agree that Ackurat has caused the error

Have we sent details of poor quality, wrong details or if a supplier selected by Ackurat has not delivered the goods, you can choose

  • that we check new details and try to deliver again or
  • that we remove the order completely 

When we have made a mistake, we obviously take the costs of additional deliveries to and from us. You only need to pay according to the original agreement, if you have not chosen to terminate that as well. We do not compensate you for any additional costs that this error may have caused.


If we agree that you or your company caused the error

Everyone can make mistakes and sometimes it feels hopeless, but we help each other as best we can.

If you have ordered the wrong items or too many standard details, we can buy these back if..

  • they are newly delivered standard details (so we know they are of original quality)
  • that they are in unbroken packaging (so we do not have to repack)
  • that the goods are with us within 30 days from the day we accepted to buy them back.

For this we pay a maximum of 75% of our previously invoiced price. 25% is for the extra handling in the warehouse. You have to pay additional possible costs such as delivery etc.

NOTE: We do not buy back your unique special items if you have caused the error, as we cannot resell these to other customers.