Ackurat makes furniture Europe more creative

We are proud to have contact with almost all furniture designers in Europe. Every year, more than a thousand customers in furniture and interior buy from us. The question is how a small company in Lammhult reached this position, and how do we proceed?

One thing is certain, The Lammhult's area has been and will continue to be a very important part of the company.

November 2018

Masters of samples

When creativity flows, Europe's designers needs to get samples ... and these samples are needed really fast. Whether it's a standard product or something as they came on "just now".

We have more than 10,000 products in our catalog and should We had all these details in stock, we had to be forced raise our prices radically.

Instead, we are today, paerhaps world's best to make details on order. We change molding tools very many times a day which puzzles many in the plastic industry. Usually, you are striving for so few changes as possible but we at Accurat, and our customers, see the benefit of doing the opposite. This is unique to Accurat.

If the detail only exists in the designer's imagination then we will solve that too. We often ship models to customers around Europe. If the designer is satisfied, we involveour skilled tool makers to make the mold.

The designers therefore gets samples thanks to a good one cooperation between, for example, customer service Nathalie, setter Glenn and the warehouse sample specialist Josef.

We think the designers are very pleased - what do you think?

September 2018

100% design - London

One of our most interesting projects right now, is the fair 100% design in London. This is one of Britain's most important and most creative furniture events.

Britain is one of the countries where we have a strong growth. Ackurat's product specialist Tobias, a genuine Lammhults product, continuously visits about fifty creative furniture companies in the UK. The fact that he also has a great interest in British football is a good relationships builder in the conversation over the teacup.

100% DESIGN is now in September. For many years, Ackurat has had a small stand in place but this year we will take something extra. Tobias and Customer Service Manager Kamilla will launch one, as we believe, world product.
Product developer Ines has been a manager for a development project that resulted in some small simple but important plastic details. With the help of these plastic parts, cabinet sides can easily be "clicked" together. To her help, she has had Marcus at the Lammhults company, Möbelspecialen. He has helped with the development of prototypes.

We believe in success - what do you think?