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Creative and quick in CAD

Tadas Morozas - UAB Vildeta - Lithuania

Creative and quick in CAD

Tadas Morozas - Technical Manager

UAB Vildeta manufactures metal furniture. The company is eager to offer and deliver even the most complex of solutions, fast. This means that it is on the cutting edge in many areas of technology. Many of its clients have short project deadlines and therefore need short development and delivery times.

“My work is very much about being creative in our CAD systems so that we can quickly deliver the best solution.”​


Tadas on plastics

Vildeta works solely from its clients’ specifications, so although this is a topical issue, when it comes to materials the customer decides. Tadas feels that this is only natural. 

“We haven’t come up against any problems with regard to materials.”​


Tadas on Ackurat

We at Ackurat regularly visit Vildeta in Vilnius (near the border with Belarus). Tadas also has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, he can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Vildetas’ custom products and order history.

“It’s great to be able to get hold of 3D files quickly, but some products can lack CAD files, which isn’t so good.”


Vildeta is located here >

Among other things, Vildeta produces cupboards with electric locks.

Suddenly just there

“I came across Ackurat in 2016 when I started working with furniture... though unclear how.”

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