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Pure materials and unique forms

Nadia Arratibel - Ondarreta - Spain

Pure materials and unique forms

Nadia Arratibel- Design Manager

Ondarreta is passionate about working with pure materials to create unique pieces that have their own stamp and seal. The entire process, from the moment the material is born to the design stage and completion, is carefully nurtured.

“We are always open to hearing what our clients’ needs are and developing what we believe they will need in future.  As product development is key for us, our technical department is growing little by little. We develop one or two new collections each year.”


Nadia on plastics

Ondarreta shows consideration for nature and the environment, seeking out solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. This ongoing work is known as eco design.

“The company’s goal is to minimise its need for traditional plastics, but we haven’t found good alternatives for many important small components. We would really welcome more sustainable plastics.”


Nadia on Ackurat

Nadia often meets Ackurat at trade fairs. She has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, she can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Ondarreta’s custom products and order history.

“We like that Ackurat offers a wide range of complete solutions for very different purposes. As each of our projects is led by an architect/designer who is always looking for a personalised service, we like the colour range on offer and the ability to customise products in other ways.

Something that Ackurat could improve on would be to have complete 2D and 3D CAD models for new components available faster. That would make it easier for us to include the new components in designs before receiving the samples.”


Ondarreta is located here >

Silu chair. Designed by Ben Van Berkel/UNStudio.

Met at a trade fair in 2017

“We met Ackurat at Interzum in 2017. We started working with the company on a specific glide for a pliable chair. Since then we have been in contact for different projects and a number of different types of product.”

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