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A powerful blend of qualities

Andy Dray - Ratio Design Associates - UK

A powerful blend of qualities

Andy Dray - Creative Director

Ratio Design Associates Ltd designs and develops a wide range of different products. Everything from medical devices to toys. This has even included a number of furniture projects. The company feels that the breadth of its product portfolio brings a freshness to its work. Each project is unique, in design requirements and budget alike. Efficiency is a major consideration in every project.

“Our work is driven by a powerful blend of design flair, engineering experience and straightforward intuition. As a small team we tailor our input in the most flexible and cost-effective way. The sourcing, specification and sample trials of small furniture components can often absorb a disproportionate amount of time. That’s why it’s so important to work with the right supplier.”


Andy on plastics

For Ratio Design Associates every project is unique, in both design requirements and budget. This means that materials are an important part of its development work. In general it’s a question of choosing the best material based on the customers’ requirements. 


Andy on Ackurat

Ackurat visits the south of the UK regularly. Andy has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, he can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Ratio Design Associates’ custom products and order history.

“Ackurat’s huge online range and project-specific advice make it so straightforward. Ackurat's products and service are second to none. To put it simply, when it comes to the small, reliable parts that help make a product work well, they are the friendly people to talk to.”


Ratio Design Associates Ltd. is located here >

Tubes Breakout Furniture, a project involving Ackurat products.

I found them online

“I think the first time I came across Ackurat was in 2012 on LinkedIn. In 2015 I ordered my first sample. A small foot for a horizontal tubular form. Since then we’ve seen quite a few samples.”

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