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Seeing ideas become a reality

Rebecca Sykes - New Design Group - UK

Seeing ideas become a reality

Rebecca Sykes - Designer

Rebecca has always had a strong interest in design. For many years she made her own jewellery, before deciding to take the next step. In 2015 she graduated from the University of Lincoln with a First Class Honours Degree in Product Design BA(Hons).

What she loves most is the problem-solving aspect of design as a whole; seeing opportunities for improvement and making ideas a reality. This is also clear in her life outside of work. At home she creates new furniture and clothes, and breathes new life into old pieces.

At work, much has happened in just a few years.

“The products I have developed for New Design Group so far are:
- Trio tables – these were designed to offer softer aesthetics to the New Design Group café table range.
- Dotty – the cable sleeve which is designed to be seen.
- Trio stools – these were developed to compliment the Trio table range.
- Frank table and bench range, with a focus on environmentally friendly and reclaimed materials.

I’m currently working on two upholstery ranges which should be out later this year.”

New Design Groups purpose in life is to design and produce brilliant contract furniture that make the client’s life as easy as possible. The Group comprises of Ryan Furniture, Chorus Furniture, and Cambridge Park. Important products they have released over the years include the Mi Chair, SW19, the Theo chairs and Frank..


Rebecca on plastics

New Design Group builds furniture in wood, steel and textiles. But many different types of plastic are also involved, including in certain stuffings and smaller components such as legs. There is currently a very active debate in the UK regarding how plastics affect our climate and nature. 

“As a leading manufacturer in contract furniture, we take our responsibility to actively protect the environment very seriously. As a user of raw materials, we endeavour to work with suppliers that demonstrate an understanding and dedication to sustainability and the use of recyclable materials. In working with such partners and also adhering to ISO environmental management systems, we ensure our own production processes are as conscientious as possible. In instances where we are conducting an installation ourselves, all packaging is retained and returned to our factory for re-use.”


Rebecca on Ackurat

We at Ackurat pay regular visits to New Design Group in Gainsborough (in the centre of the UK). Rebecca also has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, she can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as New Design Group’s custom products and order history..

“I found Ackurat’s catalogue and website really easy to use. Their sample service is really helpful when developing new products, as it’s fast and I get great advice.

The advice and solutions received for projects from the Ackurat team have always been well thought through – time is taken to make sure that every aspect of my design problems are looked into. This is really reassuring and I don’t come across this anywhere else.

The online pricing also means I don’t have to wait for quotes. Pricing is a really important part of product development, and it can make or break an idea.

I don’t believe there is anything Ackurat could do better.”


New Design Group is located here >

Trio tables and stools were designed to offer softer aesthetics.

Already at the company

“I heard about Ackurat shortly after I joined New Design Group in 2015 as they already used several Ackurat components.”

Together ...everywhere