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Identity in every detail

Vincent Dejonghe - Mobitec Systems SA - Belgium

Identity in every detail

Vincent Dejonghe - Designer and Product Manager

Vincent finds inspiration in the small, everyday things.

“It’s the nice detail on the coat rack in your favourite Japanese restaurant, or the side table in the window of a shoe shop... the small things you spot out of the corner of your eye without really paying attention. All of these little things are ‘saved’, creating a toolbox of sorts that your memory can delve into, the way a cabinet maker uses the right tool at the right time.”

Mobitec System SA sees itself as the most important chair manufacturer in Belgium today, where it employs roughly 500 people. Its strength lies in its own innovative design department, which is constantly creating new forms and introducing new technologies.


Vincent on plastics

“It is often seen as a ‘cheap’ material. Which is perhaps why it often gets covered. We are seeing more and more visible wood on chairs. Forms that are more rounded, more elaborate. This is a way for European manufacturers to set themselves apart from cheap imported products.”


Vincent on Ackurat

The company has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, they can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Mobitec’s custom products and order history.

“Ackurat offers rather unconventional solutions and niche products that are difficult to find elsewhere. Ackurat could be better at communication regarding its custom products. Mobitec has its own identity that needs to be reflected in every detail, and that’s true of the plastic components, too.”


 Mobitec Systems SA is located here>

Coventry tables and Mood chairs from Mobitec.

Met at a trade fair

“I can’t remember exactly when we first met Ackurat, but it was either at the MOW or Interzum quite a few years ago. We started actually working together in around 2015.”

Together ...everywhere