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Quiet design

Simon pengelly - Pengelly Design Ltd - UK

Quiet design

Simon Pengelly - Designer

Simon looks to create solutions with timeless forms that can fit very different spaces. He uses the term “quiet design” to describe what is often his goal. His knowledge of materials has been honed from a young age. Growing up in Henley-on-Thames, as a child he would help his father to make high-quality pieces of furniture. To this day, he tries to bring out the soul and craft credentials that were so typical of his work of that time. Since completing his studies at Rycotewood College and Kingston Polytechnic, Simon has collaborated with brands from across Europe and been honoured with numerous prizes. His company is called Simon Pengelly Design Ltd.

“Quiet design is more likely to go with other types and styles of furniture and with lots of different types of interior decoration and therefore has longevity; it’s designed to be timeless.”


Simon on plastics

In many of the countries in which Simon works, there are important discussions being held on the use of traditional plastics.

“Whenever possible we try to use the best material for the job, if that happens to be a plastic and no other compatible material is usable, either for cost or practical reasons, then we have to be pragmatic and use plastic. If there were an alternative and more sustainable material that performed as well as a particular plastic, then we would support the development and use of that material.”


Simon on Ackurat

Ackurat pays regular visits to Simon’s collaboration partners throughout Europe, and occasionally we visit Simon at his office in London. But he himself is a person who is often out and about.

“We most often find exactly what we’re after with Ackurat, but when we don’t they’ll be open to help where possible with a tweak to a standard component, or by producing a completely new one... a non-standard colour, for example.

Sometimes we find fittings that would be improved had we been able to design it specifically for the project at hand, and so I think it would be interesting if Ackurat were to work more with furniture designers where a product could go on to be broadly specified.”


 Simon Pengelly Design Ltd is located here >

Theo church chair from Chorus/New Design Group. Designed by Simon Pengelly.

The client had a catalogue

“I first heard of Ackurat in 2000 when on the search for furniture fittings for a project. The client had an Ackurat catalogue which was intuitively laid out and it was easy to identify what was needed. I’ve been a fan ever since, even visiting the factory on a trip to see furniture companies in the area about 16 years ago.”

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