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In search of simplicity

Hee Welling - Hee Welling Studio - Denmark

In search of simplicity

Hee Welling - Designer

Hee was brought up in the Scandinavian design tradition – one in which clean lines, functionality and logical details play an important role. As a child, he experimented in his father’s furniture workshop, resulting in many exciting pieces. He also sketched for a few hours almost every day, a creativity that has given us many new forms.

After studying at Holbæk Art School and Aalto University, and a Masters in Design (Furniture design) at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Hee has collaborated with many brands all across Europe. These include Hay (About A Chair), Fredericia (PATO series), Cane-Line (Less chair) and La Palma (Pass chair).

“We are always looking for simple, logical and usable solutions. We don’t believe in trends, but in products that will last. Our theory is that together we (the producer, subcontractor and designer) can create better, more optimised products. Product development is about collaborating with the best, most skilled and reliable subcontractors within each field.”


Hee on plastics

In Denmark sustainability is a key issue, as are discussions surrounding traditional plastics. Naturally, this also affects Hee.

“We have a major focus on sustainability, and want to do all that we can to optimise production and the materials we use.
We can also see that the market is making increasing demands of sustainability. More environmentally friendly materials and components would be a great help.
Most are also prepared to pay for this type of product, if they feel that it makes a difference.”


Hee on Ackurat

We at Ackurat regularly visit the Hee Welling Studio in Copenhagen. Hee also has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, he can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as the studio’s custom products and order history.

“We view Ackurat as a very competent and reliable subcontractor. The company seems very professional, with a high level of service. They deliver what they have promised, when they have promised it. But the best thing about Ackurat is probably their wide range... and their unbelievably quick supply times. If the product isn’t in their range then they will make their own solution with new moulding tools, or find someone else who can produce the part. It’s hard to say what they could do better... but it would be great to have an eco-range made of recycled or bio- materials.”


Hee Design Studio is located here >

About A Chair from Hay, designed by Hee.

Course mates recommended Ackurat

“I first heard about Ackurat in around 2000, when I was studying furniture design at design school in Copenhagen. I needed some plastic feet for a project I was working on, and a few other students recommended Ackurat. I ordered a few samples, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Since then I have used many Ackurat products.”

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