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Often in a hurry

Lauri Link - Standard AS - Estonia

Often in a hurry

Lauri Link - Product Developer

Standard AS produces furniture at its three dedicated production facilities, using modern, environmentally-friendly technologies and high-quality materials. They take care of everything, from the earliest discussion and planning stages to production, procurement, upgrades, delivery and finishing. The furniture is designed and manufactured to meet its clients’ needs. When Lauri isn’t running around cities like Lisbon (see picture below), he’s developing new pieces of furniture.

“I specialise in project-based furniture. Customers often want the finished products quickly – sometimes in as little as four weeks – and then I have to find good solutions fast.”


Lauri on plastics

Standard AS is committed to upholding its environmental responsibility, and works to make its manufacturing operations more environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this, it has introduced a number of measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions. When it comes to different plastics, Lauri keeps it short and sweet:

“If the plastic has the right functionality and composition... then why not use it?”


Lauri on Ackurat

We at Ackurat regularly visit Standard AS in Tallinn (on the north coast of Estonia). Lauri also has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, he can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Standard’s custom products and order history.

“I like Ackurat because they have so many products, often in many different dimensions. Getting fast samples and CAD models is really useful for me... Ackurat could perhaps extend its CAD service to include iMates support.”


Standard AS is located here >

En of many furniture designed by Lauri. This time with glides from Ackurat.

Purchasing manager brought a catalogue

“I think I first came into contact with Ackurat around 2013. We were looking for feet with a Teflon coating, and our purchasing manager brought in an Ackurat catalogue.”

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