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Furniture that lasts

Sławomir Miszczak - Nowy Styl Group - Poland

Furniture that lasts

Sławomir Miszczak - Development Manager, frame chairs

Nowy Styl Group is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of furnishing solutions for offices and public spaces. Every day they fit out new offices, conference centres, cinemas, arenas, music halls, sports venues and multi-purpose arenas.

They work with passion and a respect for the natural environment. To achieve the best results, they also take a holistic approach to the users’ needs, including health, comfort, efficiency, enjoyment, ergonomics and aesthetics.

“A good example of a small aesthetic and ergonomic solution could be small, custom feet for wooden legs... like the ones I found with Ackurat.”


Sławomir on plastics

The company strives to collaborate with suppliers in a way that inspires both parties to work together to find solutions that are positive for the environment.

When developing new products, designers pay attention to each product’s environmental impact at every stage of its life cycle. They monitor how sustainable it will be, and the possibility of recycling the material it is made of. They also try to develop multi-use products, to ensure that they will last.


Sławomir om Ackurat

We at Ackurat regularly visit Nowy Styl Group in Jasło (in southern Poland). Sławomir also has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, he can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Nowy Styl Group’s custom products and order history.

“I really appreciate Ackurat’s fast sample deliveries when we are building our prototypes. They save time. Something that is very important in effective development work. Another thing that is good is that I can see their stock levels right there on the website.”


Nowy Styl Group is located here >

Nowy Styl Group have a great many products in their range.

Were looking for a supplier in 2014

“My first contact with Ackurat came when I was looking to replace our supplier in 2014.  Ackurat stood out even more when their product specialists started visiting us in 2016.”

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