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Attractive and functional

Armin Nurkic - Ingrat - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Attractive and functional

Armin Nurkic - Technical Manager

Ingrat produces all kinds of furniture for schools. This includes cupboards, office furniture, shelving systems and café and restaurant furniture. 

“Our furniture has to be of the right quality and price, as well as attractive and functional... it is used in everything from chemistry labs to big auditoriums.”


Armin on plastics

An important aspect of Ingrat’s work is respect for the environment and natural resources. This includes considerations for the furniture’s lifespan, and the environmental awareness of staff. They follow ISO 14001 in monitoring this work.

“By developing an environmental awareness and complying with modern environmental standards, we aim to contribute to a better, healthier environment for everyone.”


Armin on Ackurat

The company has a log-in on Ackurat’s website where, in addition to all standard products, they can view Ackurat’s prices and stock status as well as Ingrat’s custom products and order history.

“To be completely honest, we always recommend Ackurat products. Partly because of their wide range of products, and partly because their website quickly gives us all the information we need. Stock levels, for example. We have never had any complaints about Ackurat’s products.”


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Swedish client may have mentioned Ackurat

“Sadly I can’t remember when I first heard about Ackurat, but the name probably came up in dealings with a Swedish client.”

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