Just press on and fold out

Do you...

  • develop chairs for auditoriums
  • want to offer chairs with linking posibilities
  • possibility to change a chair in the middle of a row
  • looking for a relatively inexpensive solution
  • want to be able to customize with the logo
  • want unique color. length etc.
  • want to test according to EN 14703: 2007


This is how it works

1. Drill holes

For the parking position clip, drill 6 mm holes at 90 degrees angle towards the desired parking position of the fitting.

2. Press on the parking position clip

Put in the clip in the hole and make sure it is springy.

3. Press on the link fitting 

Determine which direction you would like to have the. Which side should have the "buckle".

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For chairs with tubes (as above) >


Would you like more information?

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Other versions of this link fitting



The origin

Our product specialist Niklas Dippelreiter met several customers who thought it was expensive to develop their own linking solutions. Some clearly stated that they would like to find a standard solution from Ackurat.  

After some failed attempts of our own, we took advantage of the product development company Nufotec. Several concepts were developed by Peter Andersson och Douglas Lvov Ekberg. Of which one concept from Peter has now resulted in several product for different types of chairs.

More about the company Nufotec here >

Peter and Douglas

Peter and Douglas