Sled based chair solution

Part of the picture from the furniture company Blue Station.

Part of the picture from the furniture company Blue Station.

Do you

  • develop sled base chairs
  • want to stack 
  • want to secure the leg position
  • want to avoid that the glide rotate
  • want to avoid that the glide move
  • not want risk screws scratching the floor


This is how it works

1. Drill holes

In the leg a hole is drilled to prevent the glide moving or rotating. Remove any sharp edges around the hole

2. Press on the glide

Press on the glide over the hole. If necessary, you can use soft tool. Some hard materials, such as the transparent ones, can not handle hard hammers. If the leg has a high friction surface, you can use a little detergent as a lubricant.

3. When stacking 

If your design and manufacturing is correct, now the glide will make the legs rest on each other while stacking.


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The origin

The furniture company Blå Station worked with the furniture and interior designer Fredrik Mattsson and Stefan Borselius to develop the now legendary chair Sting.

Stackability was important. The solution became a recess on the underside of the glide, which fits the leg on the chair underneath when stacking.

The function was also used on the following chair, chair 69, to which the above shape was designed.

We at Ackurat thought that there might be more people who want this solution. Following an agreement, Fredrik helped us to shape a standard range of glides.

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