Maximized with felt

Do you...

  • want felt with extra large surface to the floor
  • perhaps want to have visible felting up on the leg
  • want a better alternative than tennis balls on school furniture


This is how the felt glide works

1. Prepare the leg

Make sure the leg does not have sharp edges that can cut into the blanket. Plug any holes in the tube with, for example, a plastic foot.

2. Mount the glide

Just press the foot on. Should you be very worried about the foot loosening, you can add some adhesive.



Would you like more information?

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The origin

Anders Johansson worked for many years as a flight technician. Which, to a large extent, has created a lot of clever thinking. In addition, when you add his interest in sailing and what can happen during a meditative sailing trip, you realize that there will be many ideas.

One such idea is the thoughts behind how to make soundless glide completely made of felt.

After he, for many years, produced many different types of felt glides, he thought it was probably time to hand over to someone else.

We at Ackurat had the pleasure of taking over the baton. Now we hope that we can do at least as good a job as Anders with these felt glides. Hopefully we can develop the concept.

Have a great time now Anders. Thanks again for your confidence.