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GLUE-001-Glue products

Glue products

Group GLUE-001

Glue products. Products for glueing of plastics.

NOTE: It is important that the surfaces are clean and free from grease before gluing. Some surfaces must have a surface treatment. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on the products. More information is available at

Glue products-2

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Article No A
Del. Time ? If we have the items in stock, we send them according to your wishes. The right figure below shows the estimated maximum time it takes for us to have the goods ready for delivery. Pcs/pkg
ZGLL406G20 Loctite 406 20g Instant Adhesive Transparent special glue for plastics PA*, PE* and rubber*. *) Use Loctite 770 before gluing. 0-3 wks 1
ZGLL435G20 Loctite 435 20g Instant Adhesive Transparent viscous adhesive. Suitable for Plastics*, rubber, wood, textile, steel, brass. *) Use Loctite 770 before gluing. 0-3 wks 1
ZGLL7063ML400 Loctite 7063 400ml Cleaner Suitable for all types of materials. 0-3 wks 1
ZGLL770G10 Loctite 770 10g Surface Treatment Intended for the treatment of plastic surfaces prior to gluing. 0-3 wks 1

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