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IC-003-Glide plug

Glide plug

Group IC-003

Glide plug. Expansion peg. Sheet metal: 0,8-1,2 mm.

Glide plug-2



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Article No A
M1 M2 Del. Time ? If we have the items in stock, we send them according to your wishes. The right figure below shows the estimated maximum time it takes for us to have the goods ready for delivery. Pcs/pkg
IC0031255 25 9.2-7.8 5 5 TPE TPE 0-3 wks 250
IC00312010 20 9.2-7.8 10 6 TPE TPE 0-3 wks 250
IC00312015 20 9.5-8.1 15 6 Vinyl Vinyl 0-3 wks 250

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