Nice legs ... all the way down

Do you ...

  • design furniture legs in wood
  • have thoughts on a round surface against the floor
  • want to avoid the risk of nails and screws scratching the floor
  • want a glide that feels like a natural part of the leg
  • see bioplastics as a good alternative (some models)


This is how it works

1. Drill a hole

Where the leg meets the floor, you drill a hole 90 degrees from the floor. With the depth of the hole, you decide how much the foot will protrude.

2. Press on the glide

Press in the glide all the way in. Use a soft tool if neccessary.


Would you like more information?

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Range overview

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The origin

At a fair in London, Claes Lindén (Ackurat) saw many nice wooden furniture with a round surface meeting the floor

Most had no furniture glides at all, but some had chosen to put on ordinary nail-glides. This gave an amateurish impression. It was like that the industry called for options.

Back home in Lammhult we quickly made this, almost ridiculously simple solution.

Since wood funiture manufacturers often have a strong environmental friendly profile, we saw a good opportunity to bring bioplastics into a standard product.