Just press in and screw

Do you...

  • manufacture shop shelving or POP displayes
  • want to avoid threading
  • want less masking before painting.


This is how it works

1. Make a hole

Punch a hole. The foot needs 30 x 15 mm. Keep in mind that coating may reduce the hole a little bit.

2. Press in

Hook in the foot on the side that's opposite the long "wing".

3. Fasten the foot 

Screw in the adjustable foot so far that the foot is fasten when you pull it.

Adjustment of height is then made when the furniture is in place.


You can order here

Adjustable foot with bracket >

Just bracket without foot >

Film on adjustable foot with bracket

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The origin

After we had developed adjustable feets with brackets for tube ends we felt we needed a solution also for horisontal tubes. Something that is often found in the store environment.

We exchanged ideas and the solution came up in a cooperation between Claes Lindén (Ackurat) och Jim Wilhemsson (Nufotec).